Choosing the right pest control program for cattle can be expensive and frustrating for cattlemen. The Lewis Cattle Oiler provides effective, year-long control of all major pests to cattle. Treatment is effective throughout varying life cycles and feeding habits. Controlling pests “The Lewis Way” saves time and minimizes the cost-per-animal. The convenience of the self-treatment system eliminates stress caused by extra trips through the chute. Our treatment is even safe for dairy cattle!

For Fly, Tick, Mosquito, & Lice Control

  • Rugged enough for all livestock
  • 8 gallon reservoir
  • Auto drape oiler included
  • 3 chain synthetic wick
  • Automatic pumping feature with adjustable recharge control
  • Large loop for moving
  • Show with available suspended mineral feeder
  • Effective Year Long Parasite Control

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3502 W 3rd St, Elk City, OK 73644, USA

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